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ProDent Dr.Gruia is the dental clinic where the foreign patients are welcomed and can solve their dental problems at lower costs and at very high standards.

The continuous investing in the individual and professional development of the team, together with the latest technology, represents the perfect association for successful dental treatments. International training sessions, high tech gadgets and friendly location are all proof of the fact that the dental medicine is a vocation, its purpose being treating the individual, instead of only treating his teeth.

Through mainly international training courses, our team gathered precious information regarding the latest process improvement techniques and also about the implementation procedures of the newest technologies. Among the most important training courses attended, we can specify: FDI Singapore 2009, Europerio Viena 2012, ICOI Istanbul 2013, GNYDM New York City 2014, Europerio Londra 2015, etc.

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Our dentistry clinic is located in Campina, less than 80 km from Bucharest Airport, among beautiful surroundings, benefiting of a friendly climate, representing the ideal solution for treating the dental problems and at the same time, as a scenic destination for relaxing.

Between appointments, the patients can visit the renowned Prahova Valley, one of the most important vacation regions of Romania or they can enjoy the remarkable landscapes in the proximity of their accommodation place.

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In terms of accommodation, our clinic offers all the help necessary to foreign patients, facilitating the procedure of lodging at a 3 stars hotel which offers very good accommodation services and also a restaurant.

Our patients also won’t need to worry about their transportation to the clinic, as they will be helped and picked up from the airport.

For their appointment visits, our clinic provides a taxi which transports the patient from the hotel to the clinic and back, so that every single trip is comfortable and secure for our patients.

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You have the support of a very well trained team, which is available for you, to clarify your every point of concern. From communication to services, everything is conducted most professional, for your experience with us to be a total success.

Our modern facilities allow each treatment to be entirely executed inside our clinic, and shorten to the maximum the amount of time needed for each procedure. This is the reason why, here, at the Prodent Dr. Gruia Clinic you can find the technology that makes the precision of the interventions to be maximum, leading to the best results.

Being equipped with Digital radiology and 3D CT Scanner,  3D Printer (that allows the making of digital implantology guides) or CEREC Cad/Cam (leading worldwide system for obtaining direct same-day ceramic dental works), etc, that position us among the top 5 % dental clinics worldwide, as for technical equipments,  we can obtain a distinguished quality of services, borned out of our passion for profession and  extra special care for patients.

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We are here for you, to offer every information and advice you may need, to make your visit In Romania as pleasant as possible and to obtain the results you desire.

You can contact us on the e-mail

  • addresses: office@drgruia.com or dangruia@drgruia.com
  • or on the phone: 0040787 604 200.